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Beating Mental Illness

Date: 3pm 17th January 2019

Venue: Mercure Holland House Hotel, Redcliffe Hill, Bristol BS1 6SQ

Talking Anxiety: Nick Elston who has used his life experiences and adversities to forge a powerful, emotional, ‘brutally honest’, heartfelt yet funny message which he delivers globally. Having had OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), GAD (Generalised Anxiety Disorder) and heightened anxiety for most of his life, things reached a breakdown point in 2012...Nick decided to share his story.

An insight into a GP's care of those suffering from anxiety, stress and depression: Dr Rob Rosa has worked across the insurance industry for over 10 years as a Chief Medical Officer, currently with Pacific Life Re. He graduated from the University of Wales College of Medicine in Cardiff in 1999, and achieved Merit in the membership examinations with the Royal College of General Practitioners in 2006. Formerly Senior Partner of an inner city Primary Care Centre in the south of England, he was previously appointed as an Undergraduate Clinical GP Tutor and Examiner at the University of Southampton School of Medicine.

3:00 Tea and coffee on arrival
3:25 Nick Elston
4:10 Dr Rob Rosa
4:55 Close and thanks
5:00 Drinks and canapes

We look forward to seeing you on 17th January 2019

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17th January 2019

Past Presentations

You can find past presentations from previous Select 74 meetings from the link below.  Starting from 2005 there are more than 50 slideshows.

All slideshows remain the property of the original owner and are posted here with their kind permission.

2018-09-27 - Dr Maurice Lipsedge - Precursors of Suicide 2018-05-17 - Stephen Courquin and Richard Russell - Risk of Anti-selection in Protection Business from Advances in Statistical Genetics 2018-05-17 - Stephen Courquin - Mortality Improvements: how long will your portfolios survive? 2018-05-17 - Meena Tohani - Pricing Insurance Products 2018-05-17 - Vicky Gardner - Product Development: Distribution 2018-05-17 - Jacqueline Kerwood - Product Development Workshop 2018-01-11 - Dr Urs Widmer - What’s new in cardiovascular medicine and lipid disorders 2017-05-11 - Nicola Oliver - Alzheimer's disease 01-12-16 - Dr Ienje Gatz - Traumatic brain injuries and stroke 03-03-16 - Dr Annette Scivier - GP's journey with a rare disease 03-12-15 - Dr Rob Rosa - When Should We Be Anxious About Anxiety? 21-05-15 - Jen Oakey & Alison McLean - Can behavioural "nudges" be used on doctors to help speed up claims payments? 12-03-15 - Peter O'Callaghan - Heart Rhythm Disorders - How do you quantify risk? 02-12-14 - Dr Ed Sheffield - Diagnosis of Cancer in the Pathology Laboratory 09-10-14 - Steven Rhodes - Current legal issues in data and the protection market 15-05-14 - Matt Rann - 1974 Introduction 15-05-14 - Jerry Brown - The HIV epidemic and my part in it... 15-05-14 - Dr Geoffrey Robb - Underwriting diabetes - past, present and future 15-05-14 - Paul Blyth - Treatment of the 15-05-14 - Sonia Nolten - The View from Chambers 15-05-14 - Nigel Bradshaw - Big Data - Friend or Foe? 15-05-14 - Professor Anne Rosser - The future of neurodegenerative disease 15-05-14 - Dr Grant Kelly - Call the Doctor 15-05-14 - More Than Minutes 06-03-14 - Theresa Taylor - Multiple Sclerosis - A Personal Story 06-03-14 - Dr Emile de Sousa - Multiple Sclerosis - The GP's Perspective 05-12-13 - Richard Bulbulia - Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms - Current State and Future Prospects 23-05-13 - Peter Collins - the challenges of liver disease now and in the next 50 years 14-03-13 - Karen Hunt, Kate Ramsay and Rob Rosa - Does that make me crazy...? A decade in mental health 10-01-13 - Peter Banthorpe - Who will live to 100 10-01-13 - Dr Nick Niven-Jenkins - Who will live to 100 04-10-12 - Dr Liam Penny - Fifty Shades of Troponin 03-05-12 - Damien Bartlett - What About the Customer 03-05-12 - David Cobley - The 5Cs of Underwriting and Sales 03-05-12 - Dr Chris Ball - Making Sense of Stress 03-05-12 - Lennox Bunting - Zurich Private Clients 03-05-12 - Mick Gillingham - Getting Back to Work with CBT 03-05-12 - Dr Rob Rosa - The Patient's 10 Minute Confessional 16-02-12 - Dr Russell Lane - Neurological disorder from history to diagnosis 01-12-11 - Dr Karsten Filzmaier - How to assess heart valve defects without a crystal ball 12-05-11 - Roger Bibbings MBE - Thinking Harder about Accidents 17-02-11 - Dr Peter Groom - Double Double Toil and Trouble (Underwriting Alcohol) 13-05-10 - Dennis Smith - Transforming Protection at HSBC 13-05-10 - Ben Heffer - Defaqto Star Ratings 25-02-10 - Prof Robert Rubens - Cancer: Recent Advances and Implications for Underwriting 25-02-10 - Peter Barrett - Cancer Claims 03-12-09 - Dr Anne King - The Vampire Strikes Back 08-10-09 - Dr Nick Niven-Jenkins - Specialist CPD for the Medical Insurance Sector 21-05-09 - Prof Mansel Aylward - Health of the Nation 26-02-09 - Dr Jonathan Evans - The Population Impact of Psychiatric Disorder 04-12-08 - Dr Jeremy Hobart - Simplifying Neurology 09-10-08 - Dr Peter Groom - Much Ado About Nothing... CKD 22-05-08 - Jeff Cook - Am I Bovvered 22-05-08 - Roy Chappell - Does Underwiting Make A Difference 28-02-08 - Dr Peter Groom - Trick or Treat 13-12-07 - Prof Mansel Aylward - Back Pain - It's Enough to Drive you Nuts 04-10-07 - Dr Liam Penney - The Sounds, Size & Pathways to Your Heart 22-03-07 - Dr Geoffrey Robb - Diabetes 14-12-06 - Melissa Collett - Getting cases on the books - FOS 14-12-06 - Kevin Carr - Getting cases on the books - IFA 10-05-06 - Dr CG Winearls - Renal Diseases 02-03-06 - Dr Sayer - Your Heart - Would you get Standard Rates 07-04-05 - Keith Robertson - Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll
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